Matsuyama is a beautiful town in Shikoku, Japan. The project in Matsuyama was led by Dr Bruce Lander from Matsuyama University.

With Dr Lander's help and encouragement, the students at one of the high schools in Matsuyama used tablet computers to create a range of multimodal digital texts and exchanged  them with a school in a regional Western Australian city, starting in January 2017. There is every sign that this relationship will be ongoing, with some of the Australian students and the teacher planning a visit to the Matsuyama school.

The digital texts exchanged by the two schools are described below.

Exchange 1. First the students exchanged an introductory text. The students in Kumamoto made comic strips showing their favourite things. The comic strips were created with the Comic Life app. The students then turned the comic strips into narrated  videos, which were uploaded to Vimeo (password controlled) for the Australian students to view. The students in Australian were very excited to view the videos and sent comments back to the students in Matsuyama in the form of notes.

Exchange 2. To be updated.

Exchange 3. To be updated.