A multimodal digital story or e-book uses two or more modes of communication, such as written words, images, audio, gestures or dance. Such texts also include videos and perhaps even digital games. For this project, the multimodal stories or e-books were in a digital form, so the students in Australia and Japan engaged in a process of digital storytelling, even though the texts were sometimes informational and not fictional . There are many excellent resources and references about digital storytelling on the internet. One useful resource in Mark Pegrum's digital storytelling page at http://markpegrum.com/tools-for-digital-learning/digital-storytelling. Another one is Grace Oakley's Digital Storytelling in Schools ScoopIt site at http://www.scoop.it/t/digital-storytelling-in-schools.

The tools used in the project were diverse. Students used a range of tools such as Book Creator , Comic Book and PuppetPals. There are many other excelent apps and websites that can be used to create digital stories.

A related project that we carried out was Multimodal Stories for Language and Cultural Exchange, funded by the Australia-China Council. The website is at http://auschinastories.net.au/